retail customers

We love receiving orders from our retail customers!

You are welcome to order any items from our retail catalogues and are also able to Create Your Own.

This is where our fridge art magnets really shine!

You can really create a perfectly unique and special gift for yourself or someone else. (Scroll down below the order form for examples.)

Zen Catalogue cover for eachanoriginal handpainted fridge magnets

NameS aND WoRDS–

Spell out a custom name or word that has special meaning for you. We have such fun putting together names of loved ones, pet names, word-of-the-year and other options for our customers.

You can use all one size of magnet or a combination of sizes. We love a mix of 1×2 and 2×2 letters for example. You can also add a gem or two to complete the look!

CuSTom SeTS–

You can create your own magnet set by adding gems or words to an existing FuNPaCK or STaTemeNT set or submit a custom special request for a quote of your own.

This option is great for unique gifts for yourself or others. Create affirmations, mantras, words to live by… the possibilities are endless!


Please note– because each of our magnets is hand-painted, colour and designs will vary from those seen on our website. We promise you will be delighted with the colour/design choice we send to you!

LeTTeR & GeM PRiCes

1 x 1  … $2.50
1 x 2  … $3.50
2 x 2  … $4.50

1 x 1  … $3.00
1 x 2  … $4.50
2 x 2  … $5.50


$19.00 / set of 5 magnets including one 2×2 gem

$16.00 / set of 5 magnets– 1×1 and 1×2


eachanoriginal Zen magnets come in three sizes- 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2
Custom word magnet art
Custom name magnet art- Orla


Use the form below to place your order. Select your product line and size of magnets, let us know what you’d like to create, and then allow us to assemble a strong configuration for you. We’ll send you a photo for approval and then let you know the shipping cost and send you an invoice for payment.

DeLiVeRY TiMe:

Your order should ship within 7 days unless it is a custom order that requires painting which can need up to an extra week to include drying time. We will always do our best to accommodate rush orders!


Visa, Mastercard, American Express or E-transfer (within Canada) is required before shipping your order. Online payment is available via Stripe secure checkout.


We use Canada Post and USPS for all of our shipments. Shipping is calculated after packing your order and we will always choose the most reasonable option. Shipping minimum is $10.00.

CuSToMS & DuTieS:

There are no customs or duty charges applied to orders shipped within Canada or to the USA.


Eachanorginal takes every measure possible to ensure the privacy of your personal information. At no time will we share any unauthorized information.


Custom magnet art- I am fearless
Custom magnet art names
Custom magnet art- I adore you Mae