choose your word for the year

That’s right. Choose your word for the year.

One word to be your guiding light for the year– a one-word resolution to gently bring intention into your life.

One word to focus on every day, all year long…

One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live your life.

We want to help you Unleash the Power of Your Word!

Spend time with your word.  Embrace your word. Recall it daily. Let it play in your mind. Meditate on it.  Let it be the focus you lightly return to again and again. Let it be the measure of your thoughts and actions.  Your touchstone.

Have fun with it.

We have several ways to bring your word to life ….
check our Bright, Zen and Black & WHite pages for more information and place an order here.

  • Pre-packed words (zen)
  • Single word gems  (zen, black & white, brights)
  • Statements  (zen and black & white
  • “create your own”  (bright, zen and black & white)

For more information on Finding your Word, check Susannah Conway, Christine Kane, One Word 365